Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'NO To IP Seal' Movement Gains Momentum

The 'NO To IP Seal' movement that started in Facebook last June 5, 2010 gained momentum and getting discussed in the following forums:
Two (2) news releases were already published by The Freeman in Cebu while the Owning An I-Café blog also has two (2) articles about the movement. The news releases can be found online as follows:

IP Seal is a creation of IP Coalition, a private entity that charges P5,000 per annum on businesses already fully compliant to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (IPR Law). The Pilipinas Anti-Piracy Team (PAPT),
in its current crackdown on software piracy, had formally stated that business establishments who have the IP Seal shall be immuned to raids and inspections by them.

The NO To IP Seal movement emphasizes that it is not against the anti-piracy campaign of the government. The movement is against the imposition of fees ranging from PhP5,000 to PhP20,000 on businesses including i-cafés that had already complied to all licensing requirements under the IPR Law.

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