About Us

I-Café Pilipinas is a national network of internet café owners, operators and associations in the Philippines.  It strives to become their voice on a national level to represent their interest on issues pertaining to efficient operation of their business.  It hopes to represent the ideals, aspirations and dreams of each internet café owner, operator and association as they take to the task in contributing to the development of their communities by providing affordable internet access and superior service.

I-Café Pilipinas is a consultative assembly of its members.  It hopes to provide them a venue in which discussions could be held on issues affecting the efficient and profitable operation of their business.  It hopes to incorporate training programs, linkages with allied business and proper representation on a national level.  It would never represent nor will ever strive to be a regulating body that would imposes regulations and imposes fines on its members.

I-Café Pilipinas believes that collaboration is the key in creating the dynamics to institute changes in the internet café industry.  It does not and will not strive to supersede or to take over any formal internet café association already existing on the local level.  In fact it encourages the formation of local internet café organizations in places in the country where there is none.  It hopes to work with the officials and members of the local internet café associations by providing them a national program that could lead to the total development and acceptance of the internet café as a partner in nation building.

I-Café Pilipinas keeps the door open for discussion rather than taking on a combative stand on issues affecting the operations of the internet café.  It hopes to form consultative linkages with government institutions and allied industries in the formulation of policies that would greatly affect the industry.

Rhetorically, an organization like I-Café Pilipinas is often described as an umbrella that protects all those under it. For us, we would rather say that “I-Cafe Pilipinas is a cloud that aims to protect the Internet cafe industry from heat when the sun shines and gather the rain to let it pour where it must fall.

This website is intended to aid in accomplishing the above-stated objectives of I-Café Pilipinas. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussions of the various contents of this site so that all of us will be properly guided in our pursuit for a better future of the Internet café industry in the Philippines.

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