Sunday, June 6, 2010

Iligan City To Inspect Business Permits Of I-Cafés

This is a news article at GMA News.TV published online last June 1, 2010. We are quoting the full article in line with the objective of I-Café Pilipinas to keep the industry informed with what's happening to i-café businesses in the different parts of the country.

Internet shops in Iligan City will soon be checked to see if these have previously secured proper business permits, an order from the mayor’s office said.

The move stemmed from reports indicating that students have skipped class and instead have spent their time in internet shops, a dzXL radio report said on Tuesday, quoting City Councilor Bayani Areola said.

Areola, who chairs the city committee on moral recovery, added many of the students even spend their time online to view pornographic images — during class hours.

The city council also called for a meeting among representatives of the Department of Education, Federation of Parents-Teachers Community Association, PLDT-Maratel, Iligan Light and Power Inc., Iligan Internet Cafe Operators Association and other concerned sectors.

It also called for stricter monitoring of internet cafes for students who skip school to go to visit such establishments. - RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV
This news article plus DepEd's pronouncement that they will be very strict in allowing school children to enter i-cafés can spell some more difficulties in the conduct of i-café business in the country.

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  1. I just would like to comment on the issue of pornography and cutting classes of the students. Actually, when the City Ordinance 07-5166 or the Iligan City Internet Cafe Regulation Ordinance was amended, the proliferation of illegal Internet cafe shops started. Under the new provision of the said amended law, membership to IICOA (the local internet cafe association of the City) is no longer compulsory. Before it was mandatory. In other words, IICOA does not have control anymore over fly by night internet cafe operators. Before, IICOA conducted regular inspection of all internet cafe shops. We police our own member. And those found violates the law will be penalized pursuant to the City Ordinance.

    As to pornography issue, I beg to disagree what the good Councilor Areola's observation. It's not porno images the students want inside the internet cafe. There are student who come to do their research and to explore and keep abreast the internet technology.

    Students prefer to play online games. But the only problem, however is, many students spend too long playing online games and neglect their studies.

    I hope I made myself clear regarding this matter.

    Felix C. Maminta
    (Former) President
    Iligan Internet Cafe Operators Associatrion, Inc.
    & Vice-Chairman, Iligan Internet Cafe Monitoring Board


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