Friday, November 4, 2011

I-Café Owners Gather For New Trends In I.T.

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Some one hundred (100) i-café owners from Metro-Manila and nearby provinces will gather later today to attend a symposium on new trends in information technology that affects PC performance for their business. Ubertech Inc., the event sponsor, will make presentations on new motherboard, video card and local area networking technology. Also known as PC Trends Inc., the company is the innovative leader in distributing top notch computer parts and accessories, network solutions, and consumer electronic products.

The symposium is organized by Unified Lanshop Owners of the Philippines (ULOP) and I-Café Pilipinas and will be held at Max's Restaurant - Gateway Mall, Cubao, QC beginning at 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM today.Participants are asked to register online on "first come, first serve" basis due to limited seats available in the venue. Raffle prizes and surprise giveaways will also be given to lucky attendees.

The symposium, also tagged as UBertech-ULOP Eyeball, will be the first gathering of concerned i-café for more than a year. Aside from the knowledge to gain from the symposium, everyone who posted in the thread announcing the event at ULOP Forum is excited at the opportunity to meet fellow i-café owners especially those who will meet each other for the first time. As one of the organizers, I-Café Pilipinas wishes for astounding success of the event.

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  1. If ULOP will be a willing and active partner of I-CAFE PILIPINAS in the protection and upliftment of the i-cafe industry, then the objectives and interests already propounded during the previous years may see eventual success. Of course, we must be wary of the possible intrusion of devious schemers similar to such malevolent worms which infected the still-born I-cafe coop.


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