Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deploying ‘Virtual Campus’ Tool

In order to address the problem of the growing number of students who cannot attend classes in traditional classrooms, the Department of Education is rolling out a tech tool, Virtual Campus, a first of its kind in the country which makes ready-to-use content to make learning and teaching more convenient for both students and teachers. According to DepEd, the Virtual Campus is an online community, e-learning and communication platform that allows the collaborative learning and activity sharing. The department said the Association of Private School Administrators of Muntinlupa (APSAM) has already tapped this technology tool to strengthen its educational service in their area.

The DepEd said recent studies have shown that the literacy rate in the Philippines is quite high compared to other Asian countries. The country, it noted, has succeeded in expanding its education in quantitative terms. However, the increase raises several questions especially with the quality of education in the country because even though the statistics in education is high, still the economic situation is not so good.

Statistical data from the DepEd reported that the completion rate for elementary schools stood at 72.18 percent in school year 2009-2010 and 72.11 percent in school year 2010-2011. For secondary schools, the completion rate  stood at 73.74 percent in school year 2009-2010 and 74.67 percent in school year 2010-2011.

This move announced by DepEd could have a positive effect to the i-café industry in the country if students would use the internet shops in accessing the Virtual Campus technology tool. It may not come easy because i-cafés are not currently seen as educational facilities. Majority are still into offering online games which are deemed to cause truancy among the students.

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  1. DepEd's VIRTUAL TOOL project is a welcome development which may help resuscitate the ailing i-cafe business hard hit by the economic downturn. As DepEd is perennially hobbled by the usual lack of funds, its nationwide implementation may become another broken record. Of course, it depends on ICA's nationwide to get its acts together and innovate thereby riding on said project for i-cafes' benefit.


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