Monday, September 5, 2011

I-Café Pilipinas Supports Project Angel Net

One month ago, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) launched its Project "Angel Net", a 24/7 operation center and website that will serve as the take-off point to level up the PNP's capability in fighting cybercrimes and protecting children from internet pornography and other abuses.

PNP-CIDG chief, Police Director Samuel D. Pagdilao Jr. said Project "Angel Net" is an innovation introduced by the CIDG in support of the advocacy to protect kids from internet addiction and cyber predators that are commonly involved in cyber sex, internet pornography, internet gambling and identity theft.

The CIDG internet child protection program's website ( officially went online last August 4, 2011 simultaneous with the opening of the CIDG's anti-cyber crime operation center. The website serves as the "Angel Net" online complaint center where people can directly report incidents of child abuses related to internet. The operation center, which will be equipped with computers and manned by trained technical operatives, will enhance the capability of the CIDG to monitor and track cyber predators for their eventual arrests and prosecution in court. The complaint desk, which will be run by the Women's and Children Protection Division (WCPD) will also cater to walk-in complainants.

Led by by Police Senior Superintendent Gilbert Sosa of PNP-CIDG, Project "Angel Net" is established purposely to address Internet based-concerns and abuses and to promote internet safety and prevent its dangers among the children. The project will serve as clearinghouse for all information and data on Internet-based concerns and abuses, on-line interdiction activities, undercover investigations surveillance and monitoring operations, and conduct digital forensic examination on electronic evidence.

Project "Angel Net" is aimed to provide an effective vehicle for the other law enforcement agencies, both local and international, to coordinate and cooperate with other stakeholders, like the Media, Internet Service Providers, Schools and Colleges, Non-Governmental Organization, Rehabilitation Centers, Youth Organization, Social Welfare and Development Offices, Religious Groups, Telephone Companies, INTERPOL, and UNICEF for advocacy and public awareness campaign on the proper, safe and ethical usage, as well as the dangers brought by internet.

I-Café Pilipinas as the national advocacy body of the internet café industry in the country was invited to a meeting  by the officials of Project "Angel Net" last Friday, September 2, 2011. As entities providing affordable access to the public, i-cafés are enjoined to participate in the cause of the project. In the meeting, I-Café Pilipinas expressed its support to Project "Angel Net".

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