Saturday, June 19, 2010

INTEL's “eNabling the eNtrepreneurs”

Intel Philippines is cordially inviting internet cafe owners to attend an ICT Forum for Small and Medium Enterprise entitled “eNabling the eNtrepreneurs”. This forum will be held on July 2, 2010 from 9am to 4pm at the Ballroom B of Crown Plaza Galleria Manila.

The forum showcases latest technology solutions for entrepreneurs including iCafe owners and community eCenter managers to be shared by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs themselves. To name a few, key speakers are the following:

1. Frank Martinez – World Ahead Program, Global Manager, Intel Corporation

2. Amil Azurin and Patrick Tang – SME and Retail Business Group, PLDT

3. John Macasio – StepDesk (Aggregated Open Source Applications for SMBs)

4. Mark Ruiz – Hapinoy

There will also be exhibits to display various solutions applicable to most entrepreneurs ranging from Point-of-Sales Solutions, Smart IDs, Microfinancing and Intel’s PC Basics for SME and Easy Steps Programs. This forum will also be a chance for networking among entrepreneurs, industry and government leaders.

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  1. Hello! I would like to ask if you can conduct the same conference here in Zamboanga City since we have a lot of cafe owners here that could benefit from your campaign. We are interested to partner with you!

    Thank you very much!

    ELearning Centre Inc.

  2. It will be an honor to be one of your partner in organizing such an event like this in Zamboanga City. we have done this already in Davao last February when we coorganized the Second Mindanao Internet Cafe summit with the Internet Cafe Association of Davao. This time around we could have our marketing arm the Pilipinas I-Cafe Marketing Cooperative take the lead in organizing the event for Zamboanga. we are in the middle of its organization and we are hoping to launch it by the middle of july, 2010. later in the year we could swing back again to Mindanao most especially the Zamboanga peninsula for such an event. I would be going to Iligan City today for a presentation at the general assembly of their internet cafe association. we are hoping that a similar organization could also be formed there in Zamboanga. Yolynne Medina and Grace Sojor is also part of my FOSS network.

    maraming salamat po

    Gener Luis Morada
    Convenor, I-Cafe Pilipinas

  3. good morning Gener Luis,

    we seconded the suggestion of elearning center, it is highly appreciated if you can conduct the same here in zamboanga.

    FYI, we are on the process of organizing the ZAMBOANGA INTERNET CAFE ASSOCIATION hopefully it will be successful. but, we can also be partner in implementing this kind of activity even though the ICAFE was not yet organized, there are a lot of us here and willing to participate on this kind of activity. although we are not organized as an association but we are close to each other and communicating one another.

    we will keepng in touch with you and looking forward for the activty be conducted ...

    pls. dont hesitate to contact for more inquiris.

    Raphy Ayub
    Topline Bldg., San Jose Gusu Z.C


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