Sunday, May 2, 2010

I-Café Accreditation For Call Center Career Processing Program

Call Center Career Processing Program is a joint project of Cyber City Teleservices (Phils.) Inc. (CCTP), a pioneer in the call center industry in the Philippines and I-Café Pilipinas with the primary objective of providing employment opportunities in the call center industry to the community through the internet cafés. This article would provide you with the necessary information that you would need about the Accreditation Process of your internet café. NO FEES WILL BE COLLECTED IN RELATION TO YOUR APPLICATION FOR ACCREDITATION.

Functions of the Accredited Internet Cafes:

Accredited internet cafes would act as Call Center Career Processing Centers for Cyber City Teleservices (Phils) Inc. Their primary function would be the following:
  1. Recruit people in their respective networks who would like to be trained and be employed as call center agents at CCTP.
  2. Conduct the screening of applicants based on the criteria set by CCTP
  3. Schedule the applicants for an online interview (min of 20 applicants per session) with the representatives of the CCTP.
  4. Their respective internet cafes will be the venue for the online interview on the date that is set by the CCTP representatives.
Income Stream for Accredited Internet Cafes:

The internet café would be receiving the following in relation to the efforts he exerted:
  1. The amount of PhP 500.00 for each successful applicant who passed the online interview and joined the training at CCTP facilities.
  2. Additional PhP 1,000.00 if the applicant would passed the one month training conducted by CCTP and would be employed by the company
  3. Likewise the internet café owner would be allowed to charge the applicants the following:

    • The Computer Rental for the online application of the applicants (Recommended Php20.00 per applicant)
    • Computer rental for the online interview of the applicant on their scheduled date (Recommended Php50.00)
    • Criteria for Accreditation:
      1. The internet café owner should show commitment to the successful implementation of the said program.
      2. The internet café owner should be of good standing in the community.
      3. The internet café owner should be willing to become a member of the Kapatiran I-Café Multi Purpose Cooperative Network, the national multi purpose cooperative network that will be set up through the initiative of I-Café Pilipinas that would provide opportunities for the internet café owners to have access to affordable computer hardware, software and other ICT services.
      4. The internet café should be conducive in conducting the recruitment of prospective applicants and the succeeding interview process.
      5. The internet café should be a registered business entity and should have the necessary business permit.
      6. The internet café should be accessible to the applicants and should be in a location that would provide maximum exposure of the said program to the community.
      Computer Hardware and Software Requirements:
      1. The internet café should have a good DSL Connection
      2. The following computer hardware would be required:
        1. Headset with Microphone
        2. Webcam
        3. The internet Café should have a good DSL connection that could handle voice calls over the internet.
        4. Software Requirement:  Skype must be installed since it would be used as the primary tool for communication between the internet café, I-Café Pilipinas and CCPT. You can download Skype at
        Other Requirements:
        1. The internet café owner should have his own Google Account this would be used for the online collaborative tools. (just register your present email here: )
        2. The internet café owner should know how to use Google Docs which could be found here:
        3. The internet café owner should have his own Skype Account and should have a working knowledge on how to use Skype.
        Documentary Requirements:
        1. The internet café owner should submit the following via email to
        • A letter of intent to be accredited to be part of the I-Cafe Call Center Agent Employment Processing Program (Please submit in PDF Form, if you are using Microsoft Office 2007 download PDF plug in here: or use Open Office) for the official format please send an email to
        • Scanned Copy of the DTI Registration
        • Scanned Copy of the Business Permit
        • Pictures of the inside, outside and the immediate location of the internet café (one each)
        • Map showing the general location of your internet café (preferred that you use google maps which could be found here: find your area and put a mark. Just attached the screenshot to the email.

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