Sunday, April 4, 2010

The I-Café As Recruitment Site For Call Center Agents

I-Café Pilipinas is in the process of exploring a tie-up with Cyber City Teleservices (Phils), Inc. on the possibility of doing the recruitment of would-be call center agents in internet cafés all over the country. The idea is not new as there was previous attempt to do to the same thing but failed before it could take off and have results. This time, all angles in the recruitment process are being discussed by the parties to make sure that I-Cafés as recruitment sites for call center agents would be successful.

Cyber City Teleservices (CCT) is a leading provider of offshore CRM services and solutions located in Clark, Pampanga, Malate, Manila and Davao City in the Philippines. The company has current capacity of 2,300 customer interaction seats in a campus style environment. The company utilizes highly-educated college graduates contact center professionals coupled with state-of-the-art CRM software tools. CCT enjoys high employee loyalty with less than a 3% monthly employee turn over rate. With strong customer retention strategies, CCT services US clients in the direct response, catalog, retail, financial services and telecommunication industries. Operating 365 days 24/7, CCT handles over USD30 million dollars per month in retail transactions authenticated on line with all major credit cards as well as check debit payments.

The recruitment to be done for would-be call center agents will entail some promotional activities by an i-café owner who decides to participate in the program. He will have to print some flyers  for distribution and posters for display in his i-café. He has to answer queries by interested parties as to how the recruitment would go on. He likewise has to provide good headsets on workstations where the job interview will be conducted over Skype or YM Voice. For the efforts, a fix amount of referral fee for every recruit who will pass the interview and eventually get hired after the training by CCT will be paid to the participating i-café. More details about the program will be posted here as soon as the memorandum of agreement (MOA) is signed between CCT and I-Café Plipinas.



  2. How can i avail of this? My shop is near the side gate of Angeles University Foundation.


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