Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Four Websites Of I-Café Pilipinas

I-Café Pilipinas originally had its website on a free account at until the organization's Board of Convenors decided to move it to a self-hosted site late last year using the same WordPress (WP) platform. As the contents grow, the need to have sub-domains to avoid having one cluttered site became imminent so about two (2) weeks ago, we requested our webmaster to change the site's platform from single-user WordPress to WordPress Multi-User (WPMU). As such, using as the top level domain (TLD), three (3) sub-domains were added which WPMU platform allows to use themes different from each other.

The above move brings the number of I-Café Pilipinas websites to four (4) which can be described individually as follows:

1) I-Café Pilipinas Main - This is the main website of the organization where the announcement of the group's activities will be posted as well as the news about the Internet café industry. A plugin to make the original site's theme compatible with BuddyPress was installed in order to allow one (1) login for all the four (4) sites that I-Café Pilipinas now has.

2) Usapang I-Café - Using the Facebook look-alike theme called BuddyPress 1.2, this site replaces the Forums Section of the original I-Café Pilipinas site. The theme not only have the now-popular threaded comments per user or member, it also allows making friends among members, private messages as well as the creation of groups which can be set to public, private or hidden.

3) Ang Digital Batang Pinoy - Containing articles in the vernacular (Filipino language) about the right use of information and communications technology, this site will serve I-Café Pilipinas' initiatives on online child safety. While there are already many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on protecting the rights of children against abuse, I-Café Pilipinas feels that it could add more to the efforts by educating the public (the children included) and the i-café owners in general on the ethical use of the Internet and other technologies.

4) I-Café Techniques - This used to be the Kaakibat Section of the main site of I-Café Pilipinas were the Internet Café Association (ICA) partners and success stories in the i-café business are getting featured. Now that this is a separate site, i-café tips, tricks and technologies that may interest the industry stakeplayers will be posted on this new site.

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