Thursday, February 11, 2010

Understanding The Microsoft I-Café Program

The two-week old MS I-Café Program is undoubtedly the most serious move of the giant software company to entice current i-café owners using pirated or cracked Windows operating system and Office productivity suite to legalize their use of the software owned by Microsoft. Not only are the prices of the software the lowest ever offered to the industry, the documentary requirements for an i-café to qualify under the program are very easy to comply with. I-Café Pilipinas, in its effort to help i-café owners to understand the program better, will run a series of articles about the MS I-Café Program starting with this post.

Let us begin our understanding of the MS I-Café Program by discussing who are the target joiners and who are qualified to avail or join the program to be able to buy the software at promo prices until May 26, 2010. For the target joiners of the program, any internet café with 5 or more units that currently operate but NOT using genuine Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and MS Office 2007 can apply to be part of the program and buy Windows 7 and Office 2007 including Rental Rights Licenses of the software.

Not all operational i-cafés mentioned above are automatically entitled to the price benefits offered in the promo., they need to apply and be qualified first. There are actually two (2) groups of i-cafés that can avail of the program; namely, the pre-qualified ones who are in the Microsoft Eligibility List and those who are not in the eligibility list but will apply for the program and can satisfy its simple documentary requirements. Let me clarify the classifications of the two (2) groups as follows:

A) The Pre-Qualified I-Cafés - These are the i-cafés who had previous purchase history of Microsoft products similar to those offered in the program and those ones whose owners had participated in one of the past MS-sponsored events. Microsoft has a database of these i-cafés which their distributors can access online so i-café owners falling into this group can immediately purchase their needs without the need to submit the documentary requirements of the other group described below.

B) The Other Group That Must Undergo Qualification Procedure - If a café owner applies for the program but is not in the MS Eligibility List, he must submit the following to be able to join the MS I-Café Program:

1. Two (2) pictures of his i-cafe with one  showing the facade and the other showing the inside view of his shop.

2. A copy of SEC registration for a corporate-owned i-café or a copy of DTI registration for a single-owned Internet shop.

3. A copy of the Business Permit or Barangay Clearance of the i-café.

Those falling under Group "A" can immediately have their order for software and/or RRL needs processed  as soon as the authorized MS reseller gets the verification from his distributor and this can happen at the time the pre-qualified i-café owners talk to resellers. For those falling under Group "B", the qualification procedure may take two (2) working days at the soonest and five (5) working days as the longest waiting time before their orders are processed.

Let us end here our first installment of articles about MS I-Café Program. You may post your comments and queries about this discussion using the response box below or you may use our forums where this article is also started as a topic.


  1. Hello everyone. I was advised by Bien from ULOP to post in this site regarding any queries regarding this new RAA by Microsoft. I just want to be clarified on the pricing of the new license. It said there that Win7 is P2,299 per minimum of 5 pieces. So if I were to purchase around 30 licenses, does it mean that my total price will be P13,764? (30 units / 5 = 6 x P2,299)

    And what if I opt to have the license "downgraded" to XP Pro? Will the price be the same? Or will be lower (it should be!) ?

    Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

  2. No, it should not be divided by 5. Licensing under the program is still 1:1 so you need to buy 30 licenses at PhP2,299 each for a total of PhP68,970.

    Yes, the price will still be the same if you decide to downgrade to Windows XP. You can always upgrade to Windows 7 though without additional charges.

  3. My only question is what version of Windows 7 are they offering for I-cafe's? Home Premium or Business Professional? I hope they could provide some better deals for those who had availed or purchased Genuine OEM licenses like XP Home Ed with previous RRA.

    To be honest, I have not fully earned the money I have purchased for these licensed softwares.

  4. We are planning to buy ASAP as we really want to legalize our business.. we have just started and still on the process of complying other requirements...

    15 O.S. and and 15 Windows... in case with the designed promo how much I need to pay? Php 68, 970 ??

    I mean the O.S. and the Windows has the same price each?
    Also, is it XP Proffessional or home based?

    Pls advise in advance so that in case, we still have time to prepare for such BIG amount.... ( knowing that we are using only 2nd hand computers...)


    as I understand, the RENTAL RIGHTS AGREEMENT FOR BOTH the MS & OS has still to be purchased? NO LONGER FREE ? How much is the cost din? Also 1:1

  6. The Windows 7 being offered under the Microsoft I-Cafe Program is the Professional edition. If it's possible, I suggest that you attend the April 7 presentation that MS Phils will do at Max's-Gateway, Cubao Q.C.. Please look for details somewhere here in our site.

  7. If you will buy Windows 7 OS and MS Office 2007 for 15 computers, the software will cost you as follows:

    1) 15 Windows 7 OS = P2,299 x 15 = P34,485.00 using SRP and
    2) 15 MS Office 2007 = P999.00 x 15 = P14,985 also using SRP or a total of P49,470.00 for both software.

    Rental Rights Agreement fees are already included in the prices used in the calculation.

  8. Hi Ms.Glenda, i do feel that it would be best that you join us during the April 7 event for you to have a deeper understanding of the icafe promo and program. there is no rush po we believe that since there is a substantial amount that is involved then it would be wise to have the full information about the matter so that you can come up with a good decision. two weeks lang naman po ang ating aantayin.

  9. Thanks very much for the immediate reply.... Yes surely will join the April 7 event.. pls advise the location / time.

  10. sir Gener/Edzee,

    I was not able to attend the MS I-cafe seminar in Cubao due to very important engagements as a regular employee. Here are my questions that I want to ask in case:

    1. Right now, I'm using pirated OS, can I avail the promo? Am I included on Group B?
    2. Also, if I avail this program, is there a guarantee that the i-Cafes that are not legit will get punished? Because if I go legit, it should be fair that the other i-Cafe's should go legit also to have a fair competition.
    3. I avail this promo but I still need to upgrade my units. If i wont install it immediately, is there any expiration date from the date of purchase?
    4. I am planning to open a new branch but not earlier than May 26 which is probably on 1st week of June. My question is, if I can still avail the promo after May 26 considering that I'm going to buy new units?

  11. @ mr, oliver

    I attended the MS I-Cafe program in Cubao and I would like to answer you inquiries based on what I have observed and understand on the said event.

    1. For your first question, the answer is YES. You can avail of the promo and you do belong in group B. The program aims to lower down the use pirated OS and non-professional software in Internet Cafes.

    2. There is a guarantee that I-Cafe's that are not legit will be punished BUT it will still need some help from our side too. Someone has to report it to the authorized agencies to take the necessary actions if you really want to. MS will not be the one to do it.

    3. As I understood, the program aims to legalize ALL EXISTING UNITS only. All new computers (TO BE BOUGHT IN THE FUTURE) will still require the purchase of OEM copies of Operating system before you can enroll them in the program. However, you can still upgrade your units to a limited extent. The motherboard will be the greatest upgrade that you should NOT intend to do.

    4. Same answer as #3. New units requires OEM before you enroll it in the program. OEM software should have been installed by your supplier once you purchased the new computers (just like when you buy a laptop/notebook computer or even a branded product from HP/DELL). When you enroll in the program, upon payment, MS will provide you a link on your email where you can manage your volume keys - yes you will be provide a VLK (volume license key) as well as a download link for the software you have purchased. No more COA stickers at this point just the VLK. If you want a CD Installer you will have to purchase a separate "media kit" for the software which will be a separate fee from the licenses and RRA.

  12. good day po. now ko lang po nalaman about i-cafe kaso tapos na po ang promo, may susunod pa po ba??

    yung tungkol po sa pag avail kelangan ko ba dumaan sa microsoft participating store sa lugar ko para makapag avail nito?

    eh paano po pag ala pa ako license na OS sa mga unit ko ano gagawin ko kelangan ko po ba muna bumili ng tig isa bago ako makapag apply ng i-cafe program??

    magkano po ang windows xp prof para sa 13 computers?

    may nabasa po ako na kapag naka pag avail ka na ng i-cafe program pede ka na gumamit ng OS na crack. totoo po ba yun?

    pls reply naman po..salamat

  13. Tapos na ang promo kaya wala na ring saysay kung sagutin ko man ang mga tanong mo. Maaari kasing maiba ang mga kasagutan kapag nag-offer uli ang Microsoft ng bagong promo. Ang magagawa mo na lang ngayon ay bumili ng licensed software sa regular na pamamaraan.

  14. FYI :

    Microsoft i-Cafe Back to School Program
    until Sept 24, 2010

    WinPro 7 SNGL OLP NL GetGenuine iCafe @ 3,299.00
    WinPro 7 SNGL OLP NL Rental

    OfficeProPlus 2010/2007 SNGL OLP NL @ 1,999.00
    OfficeProPlus SNGL OLP NL Rental

    Complete Details :

    Thank you very much i-Cafe Pilipinas


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