Monday, January 4, 2010

FREE Exclusive Usergroups For ICA Partners

Above is the screenshot of the Forums section of this site that we launch very recently.  It may not be as flashy as some forums that you use to frequent but, let me say, that it has all the features and functions needed for us to communicate and discuss things that matter to you and the industry.

While the Forums is public and guests can browse the topics, only registered members can start topics and post comments. This is true only on the general topics of the forums. I wish to inform that it also has exclusive forums for users belonging to a usergroup such as members of an Internet café association (ICA) who need to discuss some matters among themselves. This feature and its use is ready and FREE to use by ICA Partners of I-Café Pilipinas.

The officers of our ICA Partners can now request for the creation of a usergroup and an exclusive forum for their eyes only plus Admin who has access to all forums. You may also add the specific topic categories that you want for your forums. Upon creation, you may either ask your ICA members to register on our site or you can send me their email addresses so that we can invite them to join your forum.

You may response to this post for your queries or use the Contact Us link above. Thank you and happy posting to all.

EDIT: Since we shifted to WordPress Multi-User platform, we shutdown the Forums and now have Community in its place. You may join us there.

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