Monday, December 21, 2009

Introduction to the Internet Café Business

By: Gener Morada

So you want to become an internet café owner and I really don’t want to blame you.  The business is suppose to be the in thing nowadays that there are now more people investing their hard earned money in the internet café business compared to the other small scale businesses there like sari sari stores ect.  A lot of people feel that it is easy work since most of the time they just see the internet café owner sitting around all day, most of the time playing his favorite games in his server.

They would often noticed that the internet café is almost always full of people, staying long hours at an end till the weary hours of the morning.  Most of all, they believe that it is not a very complex business unlike the sari sari store wherein you have to purchase your supplies regularly, in the internet café all you need to do is just to set up the computers and people would start running.

The truth is that the internet café business is a very highly technical business.  It requires a high degree of skill in terms of the technical aspect of the business and of course the marketing skills needed in order for you to survive in this business.  One of the most common mistakes of people entering into this business is that they enter it unprepared even with the most basic knowledge they need in order to operate their business properly.  Even if there is a big number of internet cafes being created all over the country the failure rate is also likewise the same.

This is the dream of I-Café Pilipinas, to empower people with information so that a new breed of internet café owners would be created far from those in the past.  Empowered with a vision on what the internet café of the future would be like.  ( to be continued )

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