Thursday, December 31, 2009

I-Café Pilipinas Forums Is Now Ready

We wish to announce that the forums or discussion board of the I-Café Pilipinas website is now ready for the use of everybody. The section will open if the "Forums" (see EDIT below) link at the top navigation bar of this site is clicked. Unregistered guests have read-only access to the forums and only logged-in registered members can start topics and post replies. Everyone is enjoined to register so that he can make comments, queries and suggestions in both the blogs and the forums.

The forums board has the typical features of the many discussion sites in the internet. The forum administrator can create forums that only specified group members can access. This feature is especially useful for allied associations of I-Café Pilipinas who wants to have their exclusive threaded discussions on any topic that their members want to tackle. The privilege is provided free to our partner ICAs who want to use a forum that is much better than Yahoo and Google groups.

The I-Café Pilipinas forums board uses the Simple:Press Forum plugin which is considered the best integrated forum for a website using the WordPress platform. The settings we used in making the forums board may have some features or bugs unsuitable for our use so we are encouraging everyone who uses it to report them to us so we can correct or modify them. You can use the "Contact Us" link in the top navigation bar.

EDIT: This is a post in the early days of our website. The "Forums" were already replaced by "Community", a Facebook-style social networking site of I-Café Pilipinas.

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL in the Internet Cafe Industry:

    Bangued, Abra, Philippines


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