Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Towards A Better Philippine I-Café Industry

By: Gener Morada

In June of 2009, noting the deteriorating state of the internet cafe industry in the Philippines, a group of concerned internet cafe owners gathered together and decided to establish a national network of internet cafe owners, operators and associations around the country and I-Café Pilipinas was born.

I-Café Pilipinas hopes to provide a forum in which vital issues affecting the operations of the internet cafes could be addressed by the formulation of programs and linkages that aims for the total development of the industry.

I-Cafe Pilipinas believes in the internet industry and its important role in providing affordable internet access to the Philippine community. It believes that the internet cafe industry could provide greater opportunities and can contribute to community development. It believes that through proper education and training, the internet cafe owners, operators and the different Internet cafe associations could be a great influence in the daily lives of the average Filipino through information communication technology.


  1. william r. gonzagaJuly 4, 2009 at 7:53 AM

    "Deteriorating condition of the internet cafe industry" is a valid and alarming observation that must be addresssed by owners/operators ASAP. There seems to be so many Icafes operating within a block, adjoining each other thereby fiercely competing with each other. It could be attributed to gaya-gaya mentality of some owners and the seeming disregard of local government licensing offices of longer term profitabilty of the business. Icafe associations must band together to put order in the disarray affecting the business before it is too late.

  2. Thank you Mr. Gonzaga for your kind comments and your show of support. Mr. Ed Zafra has said a lot of kind words about you and we believe that you would provide a valuable contribution to I-Cafe Pilipinas.

    Maraming Maraming salamat po and i hope to meet you soon when we are going to have another meeting again in Pan Americano in Marikina


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